NEWS: Dornoch City announce withdrawal for 2019 season

Dornoch City have announced via their Facebook page that they have taken the decision to “step down from the coming season”, confirming their withdrawal from the North West Sutherland League and the Highland Amateur Cup for 2019.

The statement confirmed that the club are now on hiatus citing reasons of “difficulty in recruiting” for the season, and a loss of players to other clubs, “due to the increase in teams in the league”.

The statement did confirm that the club intends to return at a later date.

We would like to send our biggest thank you to all who have been involved with the club and to the fans who have constantly supported us over the last number of years. The money that has been raised of late will still be held within the club for the future.

This is in no sense the side folding, merely a hiatus until hopefully next season where the club can regroup and come back stronger. Apologise to all who were looking forward to the season ahead, it has not been an easy decision to make but it is one that we hope the club will benefit from in the future.

Dornoch City FC Facebook, 3 May 2019

It is expected that the North West Sutherland League secretary will now revisit fixtures for the forthcoming Division 1 campaign.

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